Usage Data User Specific Report Error Dynamics AX 2012

th3Sometimes, you might face the error in which some reports like “Summary trial balance” report in general ledger will not execute.

In order to resolve this error you need to delete the related records from SysLastValue table. You cannot find this table in AOT so go to SysLastValue form, open data source node, right click and browse table data.

Filter the table with the UserId who is facing the above error, the ElementName with the related element in error and the related company name.

Delete that particular record by Alt+F9 and restart the client.

You can take the backup of the SysLastValue table if you are performing the above actions in production environment.

Note : This table contains the usage data and deleting the records unnecessarily can reset the user saved settings.

Happy DAXing!

About the author

: Taimoor is a senior software engineer in Systems Limited. He has a vast experience working with Dynamics AX2012R2, AX2009 and AX4.0. He does things like AX development and customization, client support, upgrading, integration, installation and configuration, debugging and performance enhancement. He is also experienced in working with different clients based in different regions. Other than this, he likes to play and watch cricket and hang out.

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