Troubleshooting Error: CIL Generation;The given key was not present in the dictionary

Written By: Fatima Zafar

While working, I encountered this error. The error is mentioned in the image below:

CIL Generator Found Errors and Could not save the assembly

And the compilation log had the following error:

The given key was not present in the dictionary

I was able to solve the error by carrying out the outlined steps:
1.Restart AOS Service
2.Generate Full CIL
In case, you do not have enough time for the Full compilation, go the error log and recompile the objects mentioned in the error message.

About the author

Fatima Zafar is an Associate Software Engineer in the Dynamics Team at Systems Limited. She is extremely passionate about her work and loves to explore development platforms and tools. As a technology oriented person, she has under her belt a wide range of experiences including technical writing, tutorial development and blogging for technology and has dabbled (significantly well) with X++, .NET and MySQL. Currently working as a Microsoft Dynamics AX developer, she aims to explore as many areas of Dynamics as she can. Other than AX, her passions include graphic designing and she would like to work more on that front as well.

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