#TipADay: Day 2: Importing Data to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 using Excel Add-in

Excel is a great spreadsheet tool and the AX 2012 Add in is even more wonderful. It allows to publish information/data back to Dynamics AX 2012 without any changes in AX 2012  configuration.  In this functioned example, I will show how you can use the Dynamics AX Excel Add-In to update your data. 

Before we start working on Microsoft Excel, we need to make sure that we have the Dynamics AX Excel Add- in installed. If you open up Excel and there is a Dynamics AX tab, then you are fine. If not, you will need to install it.

Lets try and import Chart of Accounts in Dynamics AX 2012. To do that, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Dynamics AX Excel Tab in the Excel


Step 2: Select Add Data > Add table


Step 3: Select Main Account Table


Step 4: Drag important columns that you want to update


Step 5: Enter your data in the fields


Step 6: Select Publish to import the records in AX


It will also create a new sheet called Dynamics AX Status which will show you how many records were updated, and also any errors –if they occurred.

Step 6: If we return back to Dynamics AX, then we will see the data  has been uploaded.


Hope this little tip helps you. Leave me your feedback and comments!

About the author

Manisha, an Associate Business Analyst, is a cheerful personality ready to tackle any challenge thrown her way. A CIMA finalist, her areas of interest range from Finance to Retail and she is interested in creating a fine name for herself in the field of consultancy for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Other than working, her passions include exploring new places, reading, travelling and spending time watching movies.


Thank you, Manisha, its really helpful, we can upload clients’ initial data through this utility, not only for COA but also for all initial setup data…

Thank you and keep writing

best of luck!


    Thank you so much Shakil for your appreciation

    Keep reading! :)


Can anyone of you please explain how 3rd Party payments are made in AX Payables?


    hello, Riaz can you please explain me what exactly scenario you’re looking for in 3rd party payments? Charges to third party on particular Purchase Order or Do you want bank as a third party account ?


how to upload production routes ??


    It depends on which version of AX 2012 you are on, R3 has the new Master Data Management which I need to explore however, for earlier versions, a custom upload utility is required”

    Thank you!


Good job (y)


    Thank you

    Keep Reading :)


Nice work!


    Thank you :)


I have uploaded all common master data but stuck with Product master data. System is showing “Object Reference” error. I have checked other forum mentioning re-installation of add-in and all that but not succeeded.
Any help….


    That is difficult to tell without looking at it. Have you redeployed your model? Then clear your offline cache and try it again. or check may be you have missed to fill some fields

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