#TipADay: Credit Note Functionality On POS in Dynamics AX 2012

Here is little tip how Credit note functionality works on Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 POS

Following are the few steps required to apply credit note in AX 2012

Step 1: Go to Retail > Setups > Payment Method

CN -1

Step 2: Create method of payment for Credit note and associate appropriate Posting account in it

Issue Create Note

Step 3: Now go to POS Select Return transaction


Step: 4 Click Issue Credit Note


Credit Note will be issued and transaction will be done

Step 5: Now we can check if credit note has been issued or not

Go to Retail > Inquires > Credit Memo

new 1

Apply Credit Note:

Step 1: Enter Sales Transaction and then Select the payment option; that is pay with Credit Note


Step 2: Select settle balance with cash or settle with new transactions

In this example I have chosen Settle balance with cash



Step 3: Enter the credit note Number


Step 4: Now we can check if Credit note has been applied or not

Go to Retail > Inquires > Credit Memo

new 2

You will notice that applied check box is now marked.

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I have configured all the setups as mentioned above by you and also I checked RTS, it is also working fine. but when i am trying to issue a credit note system is giving me an error as below :- “tender Information is unavailable. Check the program’s tender type”.

Please suggest what setup i am missing.



    please check your HQ setups
    Did you attach method of payment “credit memo”? and please also check your tender declaration setups

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