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The SysOperation Framework Overview

Previously, the Runbase framework was being used to add the functionality that required batch processing. The Runbase framework has been replaced by the SysOperation framework, formerly known as Business Operation Framework. The Sysoperation framework creates a user interface which can be integrated with the batch server for batch processing.
The SysOperation framework can be used to implement operations that can scale to multiple processors by batch processing. It can also be implemented to prompt the user for an input. The batch processing feature can be used to control the time and duration of the operations which require more processing time. The framework also has support for queries, routing tasks and pack and unpack for parameter serialization.
The SysOperation framework basically enhances the performance of operations by explicitly scheduling their execution. Through the framework, the operations can be executed on user interaction or by scheduling them through the batch server.

The framework is an implementation of the MVC design pattern. The structure of the framework is defined below:

• Members
• Pack/UnPack
• Data contract

• Dialog

• Process
• User Prompt
• Run


This post was a short introduction to the SysOperation Framework. I will be writing about the comparison of Runbase framework and SysOperation framework in my next post. Tune in again to the blog for more info regarding the SysOperation framework.