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Catch Weight Functionality for Receiving of Goods in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Many industries receive raw material in a different packaging unit, while payment may be made in a different unit. This post will help you understand how to receive product in different packaging using Catch Weight. Let’s take an example of cotton in Textile Industry, Cotton is received in unit “Bales” and normally companies need to pay the vendor after weighing in Kilograms. This weight may be different in each case because the Bale has a catch weight. Users face great difficulties while receiving goods because in AX 2012 we can give only one Unit of Conversion against single item. Lets have a look on how to resolve this:

First of all go to Product Information Management –> Common –> Released Product then click on New

Do not forget to mark CW Product Check Box while creating new Product


Then click OK button and you can see the New Product in Product Information Management


New Item

Define unit of conversion of Product; remember that we have taken Inventory and Purchasing unit “KG”

Unit of Conversion


After setting unit of conversion go to the Product and edit that then go to Manage Inventory tab and select catch weight unit as Bales

Edit Prduct

and add minimum and maximum quantity to be received. Note that minimum and maximum quantity will be the quantity to be received in Kilograms not bales

Setups have been done. Now, we need to receive the same Product for this follow the below navigation

Go to Procurement & Sourcing –> Common –> Purchase Orders –> All Purchase Orders then click on New PO


Select vendor and click Okay

Then select the Product on Purchase order lines

PO Lines

After taking Product and its quantities click on Update Line tab and select Registration

Update Line

This will be done after confirmation of Purchase order and before Receiving of Goods but at this stage user must know the actual weight of the Product which user is going to receive.

Now click on Auto create

Auto Create

After clicking on Auto Create checkbox, the total quantity of that Product will copy in Register now

Now user can register the actual weight of the goods received. Let’s say we have set the conversion from Bales to Kilograms 150 kg but at the time of receiving when Product was measured on weighing bridge user came to know that actual conversion is 1 Bale = 200 kilograms then here user will register the quantity with actual weight even batch number wise

Batch Wise registeration

But registration is only based on minimum and maximum quantities setup on Catch Weight you can see in the above screen shot that setup conversion was 150 kilogram but registration has been done with 200 kilograms conversion

After this go to the Product Receipt for receiving the Product

Product Receipt 1

Enter Product Receipt number

Product Receipt 2

In above Posting Product Receipt screen you can see on lines The CW quantity remains same but conversion factor has been changed from 150 kg conversion to registered 200 kg conversion

Now click Ok for receipt.

Now you can check “On Hand” inventory will show the inventory of received product

On Hand

You can see the receiving of goods in different batches with actual weight of the Product received.

Hope this post will help to solve the Catch Weight receiving issues that you may have.