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Human Capital Management in Dynamics AX 2012

Human resource management in Dynamics AX 2012 is still a little explored field and you will not find many blog posts that will cater specifically to the HCM and Payroll modules in Dynamics AX 2012.

If you are looking for an option on how to help your client to manage talent within their organization, this blog post is for you!

Today, many clients are looking for a single solution for their HR problems including talent management. Talent management however, becomes extremely confusing because many HCM applications and resource planning solutions do not provide Talent Management as an option.

If your client is looking for an end to end HCM solution including talent management, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 offers a whole pack of features that you can pitch to your client:

Recruitment Module: The HR manager can create an internal project for recruitment, for any sort of job opening. Both internal and external job postings can be managed through the recruitment module, with various types of advertisements to obtain application data. The entire recruitment process can be followed with evaluation of applications, interviews and confirmation of applications.

Competency Management: This area allows definition of specific competency elements, skills, education levels and areas of interest that should typically be part of a job. Based on the hiring process, a certain employee when hired can be compared against these competencies and the hiring or rejection decision can be based on these competencies.

Compensation Plans: Dynamics AX 2012 is extremely flexible in terms of compensation plans. From benefits to earning codes or allowances, and from fixed to variable pay plans, a hiring can be done and specific criteria and pay grades can be assigned in compensation plans.

Performance Evaluations: Goals, KPIs and appraisals all can be managed through the performance evaluation and management module. This module is extremely powerful as it allows the alignment of all employees towards certain goals and KPIs that the organization wants to focus on. Moreover, personal development of employees can be managed as well through personal goals and performance appraisals.

Course Management: Course management is a little explored area even though it can be extremely useful. In course management, the organization can keep track of and manage courses and trainings that employees can take. Arrangements, attendance and conclusion, all elements related to courses can be managed through this module.

Next up, we shall explore questionnaire development and management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, which will help you to design an employee performance appraisal form and follow the process for collection of information on the form.

Which elements in HCM are you interested in exploring that we can present you with blog posts on?