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Finding the occurrence of string within another string through X++

X++ offers a lot of string functions to be used on the strings. Here, we will be using the “strscan” function. The “strscan” searches for a string within another string


The strscan function takes the following arguments

Strscan (str text, str characters, int position, int number);

Text: The target string

Characters: The string to be found

Position: The first position in the target string to perform the search

Number: Number of times search will be performed. Normally, it is the length of the original string. If a negative sign is used in this argument, the search operation is performed in the reverse order


Below is the code to find any character in a string.

int position;

str targetstring = “ABCD”

position = strscan( targetstring, “CD”,3,strlen(targetstring);

if (position)






info(“Not Found”);