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Developing Query Based Reports

For production and operational reports that are crucial to an organization, a developer can use SSRS reports. There are three types of data sources available to be used for the development of the SSRS Reports

  • Query
  • RDP
  • Business Logic

Here, we will be discussing about developing query based SSRS Reports. Before you can start developing query based reports, you need to create an AOT query on which your report will be based. Once you have created a query and added the required data sources, open a new project in Visual Studio. From the Project dialog, select “Microsoft Dynamics AX’ from project types and “Report Model” from templates. Create the Project and open the solution explorer. Right click on your project and add a new report. Double click on the newly created report. You can see a number of items in your report now. Right click on the node “Datasets” and add a new Dataset. In the properties of the newly created dataset, name your Dataset, set data source type to “query” and select the query you made earlier in AX by clicking on the ellipse button appearing in the Query Property. You can select all fields or only the desired fields of the AX query for reporting purposes.

After you have configured the dataset, add a report design. There are two types of report designs; Auto design and precision design. Always prefer auto design unless you need to customize your report. For the sake of simplicity, we select the Autodesign here.

Right click on the design node and add “Autodesign”. It is recommended to set the name of the report to either to “Report” or “Design”. Drag your data set on the newly created design node. The report is now ready to be executed. You can open your report through three options.

  • Preview in Visual Studio
  • Open from Dynamics AX using output action menu
  • From browser by opening the URL : http://localhost/reports

I hope this post helped you. I will be writing about RDP and business logic based reports in my next posts. I will also be writing about precision design based reports which allow you to customize the design of your reports.