Reports stuck on Queued / Cancellation in Management Reporter 2012

Hello everyone. So recently I was quizzed as to why my reports generated in MR 2012 where being stuck on queued for a very long time with no progress at all.

Report stuck

So here’s a useful tip if you ever bogged down as to why the reports you generate in Report Designer (MR 2012) gets stuck on cancellation or queued status. You just need to start / restart the Management Reporter 2012 Process Service Properties. Navigate to Services (Start Menu > Run > Service.msc) and find the following service¬†MR2012ProcessService.

Start service

In our case, the service was stopped and needed to be start. Right click the service and select the Start / Restart option. Once the service has started, the reports will start to generate and will no longer be stuck in Queued status.

Service starting


So this was pretty simple solution that had me bogged down for quite some time. Hopefully this will help out some people.

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A consultant in the making, Rafay is working with Systems Limited as a business analyst, and currently working on the FInancials Module in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. He is keen to explore the Retails side of AX 2012 and to complete his CA certification. Prior experience in auditing in the assurance and advisory section, gives him an edge towards business analysis that he is interested in utilizing to its full potential. Other than work, his passions include sports (cricket, football) and 3D art and animation.


I have the same issue. Restarted the service but issue not resolved.
Also gone thorugh all the five possible resolution suggested by Microsoft as per the below link, but still the problem is not resolved.
I have deleted all the lines in repository with statustype= ’30’
Restarted the service after this still reports are queued.
Anmy expert help appreciated.

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