Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Cloud!

Microsoft is bringing its Dynamics product offerings to the cloud. After CRM, GP and Nav, now AX will be offered as a hosting on the cloud on Windows Azure. In the keynote speaker session in the Dynamics Convergence 2013 hosted in Barcelona, it was announced that the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 release, scheduled for April 2014 will be available to be hosted on Windows Azure through selected Microsoft Partners.

The idea of mobility and availability of ERP and CRM solutions through cloud and mobile applications brings a new wave of accessibility of information to business executives and can change the way business takes place!

Do you think ERP solutions should be mobile? How do you think will mobility in ERP solutions help you?


About the author

NoorJehan Arif is a relatively senior business analyst who has worked with MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011 for a few years, analysing, designing and implementing solutions on the client side. Dabbling in AX 2012 at the moment, she aims to work her way through, to learn more ways to help business gain their goals successfully and optimally utilize her MBA degree. Her never ending list of aims also include, among other things, obtaining PMP certification, exploring her areas of interest in Dynamics AX (Supply Chain, Retail and Manufacturing), and finishing up writing and publishing her work of contemporary fiction.


So what do they really mean by making it available on cloud? Will it like be a online version of AX similar to CRM online with subscription based licensing?

is there any whitepaper providing details?

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