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User Sentiment and Microsoft Dynamics

Continuing on from the previous post, we will now talk about the user sentiments that were evaluated through the research. The four objectives, while conducting this research to test the users sentiment, included:

  1. Usage of the Microsoft Dynamics products
  2. Relationship with partners and the general sentiment
  3. Next six months plans for spending towards Microsoft Dynamics products
  4. New needs and the customer’s working relationship with their Dynamics partner

The results are generally skewed towards Microsoft Dynamics ERP users as most respondents were either GP or AX users.

Usage of Microsoft Dynamics Products

Approximately 4% of the users indicated that they are making full utilization of their software solution however, 66% indicated that they are either making sufficient or good utilization of the software solution. Despite that, 30% still feel the needs to enhance on their software solution or use more features within the solution.

Relationship with Partners and the General Sentiment

About 80% respondents indicated that they have a satisfactory or excellent relationship with their partners, with about 30% with an excellent relationship with their Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

Six Month Spending Plans

Thirty percent users are still interested in spending at least a little more to a lot more in order to enhance on the solution within their organization. This indicates that the users understand the powerful nature of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM that they have implemented within their organizations.

New Needs in the Solution

The top two challenges and investment areas that most users identify include reporting and upgrades. Reporting and analytics are key areas that most users would like to invest in and focus on as this is the key towards business improvement.

Further on, we will discuss partners’ sentiment which is the next part of the research conducted by Microsoft Dynamics World.



Microsoft Dynamics – the needs of the customers and partners match

Continuing from our post yesterday, there were some key areas that the survey focused on, both from the perspective of the customers and the partners:

From the perspective of the customer, the areas under consideration included:

  1. Management and ownership of the solution
  2. Six month plans for any new additions to features, capabilities or add ons, or any other investments in the solution
  3. Their sentiment towards their solution partner’s relationship with them

From the perspective of the partner, areas under consideration included:

  1. The needs of the clients in terms of functionality and strategy
  2. The perception that the partners have towards the Dynamics products and their strategic competitive position.
  3. Point of view on deployment strategies
  4. Their own performance towards sale of Dynamics products
  5. Their usage of additional add ons and working with other software vendors or solution providers

The survey results revealed significant emerging trends for the future. One of the key areas of evaluation includes customers responding that they are most likely to consult with their solution provider for Dynamics AX while customers with Dynamics CRM would least likely consult their solution provider.

Another interesting insight which helps to align the goals of both customers and the partners is that both parties are focused on these five functional aspects:

  1. Reporting as well as Business Intelligence
  2. Customer Services
  3. Integration as well as Migration
  4. Business Processes
  5. Inventory Management

Next up, we will discuss the user sentiment that was evaluated during this survey to understand how customers fare in using Microsoft Dynamics products.