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Exchange Currency Service Provider

Exchange currency service provider is OOTB available in MS Dynamics AX and by default three AX provide three service exchange provider i.e. Central Bank of the Russian Federal, Central bank of Europe and Lithuanian Bank.

Following is the below screen for Exchange Rate provider which is Available in General Ledger Module

Path: General ledger /setup /Configure exchange rate providers

You must first set up the exchange rate provider you want to use, and AX 2012 R2 comes with 3 providers ready to use in General Ledger -> Setup -> Currency -> Configure Exchange Rate Providers:



There is reset value option also available to restore default value.

After adding exchange rate provider run this service through batch Job exchange service as shown in below screen

Path: General ledger / Periodic / Import currency exchange rates

Import currency exchange rates batch job take Exchange rate type and exchange rate provider. If exchange rate type is not created then create it from General ledger / setup / Exchange rate type.


Before going to run Currency exchange batch job, make sure that all mentioned Exchange currency must create once in exchange rate type.


Run this batch job


After running Service provider batch job see today’s exchange currency rate in General ledger / setup / Exchange rate type.


Delete All the Transactions in a Company by keeping the Master Data intact Dynamics AX

Sometimes, you may have a requirement to delete all the transactions in a company while keeping the Master data as it is.
In order to achieve this you can duplicate the company and run SysDatabaseTransDelete class, which will delete all the transactions in the related company while keep the master data intact.

1. Press Ctrl + D.
2. Open Class node in AOT.
3. Find SysDatabaseTransDelete class, right click open, it will show the related company from which you want to delete the transactions.


Note : Before performing the above steps on production please do it in test so you can come to know what exactly you achieve.

Usage Data User Specific Report Error Dynamics AX 2012

th3Sometimes, you might face the error in which some reports like “Summary trial balance” report in general ledger will not execute.

In order to resolve this error you need to delete the related records from SysLastValue table. You cannot find this table in AOT so go to SysLastValue form, open data source node, right click and browse table data.

Filter the table with the UserId who is facing the above error, the ElementName with the related element in error and the related company name.

Delete that particular record by Alt+F9 and restart the client.

You can take the backup of the SysLastValue table if you are performing the above actions in production environment.

Note : This table contains the usage data and deleting the records unnecessarily can reset the user saved settings.

Happy DAXing!